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Warrior One

"My husband and I have been looking for a topical pain reliever that can help us with occasional discomfort. We have been using the Steady Remedy Salve for over 6 months now and we cannot say enough about the product. I have massaged it into overworked soar muscles and my husband has been using it on his arthritic knuckles. Every time we experience almost instant relief. We highly recommend this soothing salve!"

— Cindy & Jim Lord

Tomahawk, WI

Night Sky

"Steady Nightfall is my go to when I can't sleep. I am always confident that I will feel well rested in the morning! Great all-natural product!"

— Penny Reese

Crystal Lake, IL

"My husband uses Relieve relief cream on his hands to treat his tremors. Within two minutes of usage the tremors subside! It also has been working wonders on his bad back! He's been using the product for 2 months now and wow, what a difference it has made!"

— Linda & Duane Andes

Woodstock, IL

Couple on a Walk

"I just started using Steady Relieve and it's really been helping my back pain and inflammation of the joints particularly in the lower back, hips and hands. It's also relieved muscle spasms and tense muscles.  I also purchased the Balance Roll-On. It feels great on my temples and has actually been aiding in headache relief. I also applied it to my upper shoulder area and upper neck area for sore and tense muscles.  The Remedy extra strength soothing salve is the final product I tried. It healed rough dry skin on the nose and reduced inflammation in the thumb trigger finger. I highly recommend each of these products to anyone facing similar issues!" 

— Jo HighTower,


Relaxing at Home

I started using Remedy Extra Strength Steady Salve 6 months ago. I use it on my lower back as that's an area that's been problematic for me considering my line of work (massage therapist). I always woke up during the night because of my back pain. Prior to using the salve I can't remember my back not bothering me at night but from that very first application the pain has gone away!! I call it my miracle in a jar. Since I've had such great results from it I've got my husband and mother-in-law hooked on it as well. My mother-in-law has, for years, had swelling and pain in her knee. The relief that she's had since using Steady CBD Salve is remarkable. Nothing that she's ever tried before has helped like this. Because of mine and my family's success I recommend it to my clients that I think would greatly benefit from it and all of them have said the same's a miracle in a jar!" 

— Kally Daniele,

New Canaan, CT

Mother Daughter Portrait

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