Keep your large-sized sidekick happy and healthy with our bacon-flavored CBD pet drops! This product has been formulated for 55-130 pound pets. Start with one or two drops twice each day. Place directly in the mouth or drop it right onto their food. Even though it is targeted to pets, it is made with human-grade ingredients.

Large Sidekick (55-130 pounds): 4000mg Bacon-Flavored Full Spectrum Pet Drops


Recommended 1mg/pound of body weight. One full dropper is equal to 0.75mL.
General Guidelines:
55 pounds = 0.4mL
65 pounds = 0.5mL
100 pounds = 0.75mL
130 pounds = 1.0mL
This product contains 133mg/mL

Our dosing guidelines have been reviewed and approved by veterinarians.