Instructions for Applying KTape:


We recommend you consult with a trainer or therapist to obtain the most effective application method for your condition. 

• Apply to clean, dry skin with minimal hair
• Cut 6-8" strip
• Taper the edges to prevent peeling
• Remove backing from one end
• Apply tape to the affected area
• Gently peel tape upward
• Rub tape into skin, creating heat
• Leave on skin for up to 3 days or as directed by a professional


Note: hair can be trimmed from area but should not be shaved.

Sustained relief should begin within 15 minutes!

Standard Roll (2.5m) 325mg Nano-Infused per roll. Choose Black or Pink!

Hemp Infused KTape Standard Roll


Please note: test results are stated in mg/meter.

131.119 x 2.5 = 327.80mg/5 meter roll