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Proudly made in Colorado, Steady is a comprehensive CBD line developed to help you navigate whatever obstacles you may encounter throughout your day. We think we have just the product for you.

Our Vision

Steady products are about helping people feel better, holistically. We formulate with natural and clean ingredients.

We're holding the Hemp industry

to a higher standard. We want to be the brand that is trusted to provide honest products that are always tested and effective. And customer service? We believe in what we make, so give us a call. We'd love to tell you all about it!

Our Values

Steady products are crafted using domestically grown hemp. We are proud of their purity and never add any fillers or unnecessary ingredients. We guarantee that what it says on the bottle is exactly what's inside the bottle.

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Our Promise

Our uniqueness is our ability to create a consistent end product. Since distillation is an inexact science and plants can have different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes based on environmental conditions, we stock isolated cannabinoids and various terpenes to create profiles that can be duplicated every time.  

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Meet our Science Team

Stephanie Braun was originally pursuing a BSN (bachelors of the science of nursing) but has always had an interest in natural medicine and complementary methods. This pushed her to pursue a degree in integrative healthcare with a pre-medicine minor instead. Stephanie knows and believes that there is always an alternative way to achieve optimal health and it should be accessible to all. This is what drew her to product formulation and research & development at Steady back in 2020. 

Cameron Reed graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelors of Science in Plant Biology concentrated in micro-physiology and biochemistry. He came to Steady in the summer of 2021 and brought his interest for plants with him. His goal when formulating Steady products has always been to make sure there is rigorous scientific research about the therapeutic properties of the ingredients. 

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